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101 in 1001
Monday, April 27, 2009 @ 4:35 PM

So I was inspired by my friend Ashley to make a list. I need to figure out 101 things I would like to accomplish and actually do in 1001 days. I have not put down 100 things just yet but here is so far.

The ones in italics I have accomplished

Here goes:

1. Clean out the kitchen and get rid of stuff I will never use again

2. Make sure my kitchen is clean before heading to bed nightly

3. Towards the end of the month start up a new grocery list/dinner list for the month. Every month.

4. Actually stay on Weight Watchers instead of throwing away 16 dollars a month for the site.

5. Losing 70 lbs.

6. get a monthly pedicure

7. Let go of negative people and the old ghosts that still continue to haunt me

8. Drive stick shift. I have always wanted to learn but never was taught. My dad knows how so maybe when I come home he can teach me

9. Shoot a gun. One of soldier boy's friend has a few guns that I can borrow sometime. Here on post there are many ranges so hopefully soon.

10. Stay off the computer and TV for a day (that is one accomplishment right there!)

11. Work on both kid's scrapbook

12. Get my first tattoo

13. Send snail mail to my grandma at least once a month

14. Pay off old debts

15. Clean out the kitchen and get rid of stuff I will never use again

16. Participate in the postwide yard sale and sell my unused things

17. Have a monthly date with hubby

18. Go through my e-mail folders and make a cookbook from the saved Hungry Girl recipes I have

19. Drink nothing but water for the whole month

20. Do Wii Fit for more than 30 minutes a day for one month (that one is tricky because of my 2 crazy kids)

21. Stop using my kids as an excuse not to do things!(see #19)

22. Accept my husband for who he is and understand that he is not going to change.

23. Let my husband cook unsupervised.

24. Make my household duties more greener by making my own cleaning supplies, using less water, ect.

25. Keep a budget and stick to it.

26. Keep up to date with my favorite bloggers and comment at least once a week.

27. Have another giveaway on my blog

28. Have a family night at least once a week.

29. Learn to knit
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