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ugh. husbands.
Wednesday, February 25, 2009 @ 4:21 PM

My husband...Lord I love him...thought that it was in his best interest to buy a model car and paints. I am cursing him under my breath while smiling saying "honey, when will you have time to do this project?" He insists that he will get it done in due time while I'm betting how long it will actually take in my head.

So we get home and soldier boy decides that after the kids were in bed he was going to open this bad boy. I look in the box and say "um. I hope that you are going to be putting this away when the kids are up"

He does. Thank God.

Here opens the paint and they are in little bottles. I am not going to freak out. Soldier boy decides that he is going to leave the paints in this lazy susan carousel on the kitchen counter. Next day we get up and get breakfast going. I'm in the process of starting up my computer for the day when I hear "clink clink clink".

Oh. Dear. God. what is that and what has little man gotten into now? Him and his sister proceed to clink the bottles of paint together because somehow he managed to get the bottles from the counter. I am like, "Ok, they are just clinking them, no big deal". I continue to start the day and it gets quiet.

Real quiet. I see little man run into the living room. What the heck did this boy do now? He is covered in paint, princess is covered in paint. The love seat and carpet now have a beautiful shade of red and blue. Momma is not happy. I start screaming. I try and figure out how to take out this mess. I want to call up soldier boy and yell and scream but I blame myself for not taking them and putting them away in the first place. I call him up anyway.

Me: Hey babe, you know those paints you got for the um car you bought?
Him: silence.
You are going to tell me its all over the place right?
Me: Technically its not "all over" the place but some of it is all over the carpet, I'm mad at myself for not putting it away.
Him: Well, its my fault for putting it on the counter
I'm in shock y'all

He continues to tell me he has to go but he'll deal with it when he comes home from work.

The steam cleaner managed to make it look like this:

Seriously, why do I even bother?

If anyone knows of a great paint remover please help a momma out!

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