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Damn you netflix!
Tuesday, February 24, 2009 @ 11:16 PM

I really do love you but I HATE your 500 limit queue. (Thanks NGIP for reminding me of that!) I did, however, go through it...for the 10th time...deleting my drunk picking greatest hits! (So what, I had to have the B Rated gore films where the half naked girl gets chopped up by a sexless psycho murder, whats so wrong with that?)

Friends tell me that only I could know that there is an actual limit of movies you can put on your queue.

I tell them "Screw you too! Thats why I kick your ass at Scene it!"

Now that you had the pleasure of reading my latest vent, go comment on my giveaway...maybe one day I will give away a free month of Netflix and see if you can get up to my 500 limit queue!
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