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Writers Workshop
Sunday, January 11, 2009 @ 2:33 AM

I'm late doing my homework(again)

*Mental note* Put Momma Kat on subscribe

Anyway I am going to attempt to try to get 6 words to describe me out of my husband if I can manage to get him away from playing cards online.

Me:Ohhh Honeyyyyyyy!
Him: hold on a sec
(God forbid I interrupt him during his precious game)

Me: I need to know how you describe me in 6 words!


*groan* (from me)

Apparently someone he is playing with has an almost identical name as his dad..why his dad would be online playing a card game is beyond me but surprise, surprise it was not him.

But I'm glad to know that I wasn't the only one having this problem since my friend Ashley and Momma Kat did also.

Hubby:Why are you asking me after I started drinking?
Me: Because your always drinking....

More cursing at the computer screen as he's still trying to think of six words.

I am laughing and telling him I am typing everything he does/says

Him: shhhhh!

Now I have to be quiet so the genius can think.

Ok so now my almost drunk hubby has his list ready:

*burp* Yes, he really burped.

1: great
2: awesome(Last time I checked awesome and great were the same word)
3: wonderful
4. thoughtful
5: bootyful(his saying)
6: sexy(again, he's pretty drunk by now)

so there ya go folks, how my husband describes me (the drunk version).

Til later!

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