Welcome to my world! I am an army wife, mom, friend, and neurotic all packed into me or hate me but I can guarantee you that I'm pretty fun to be around! Join me as I talk about my journeys through life(and many states)!
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My childhood celeb crush
Monday, November 10, 2008 @ 2:10 AM

So I had a thing for Zachary Ty Bryan from Home Improvement, think a lot of girls did my age in the early 90's (keep in mind I am now 28), but this isn't about him. Not many people know about this actor, he wasn't as popular but ever since I saw Lawnmower Man, Prehysteria, and Last Action Hero, this girl was hooked. I imagined marrying him and living happily ever after..(okay so I was young and in love!)

His name you want to know?

Austin O'Brien of corse. This is what he looked like in the early 90's:

And now...rarrrrrr
I remember writing him a letter and I got an autographed picture of him and about died. I finally had it framed. I think I will scan it when I get the chance to show ya. I think I slept with that picture every night! He is now married as am I so maybe next lifetime fate will happen and I get my childhood crush! haha

My favorite part of My Girl 2(it starts after they kiss but that part is when I pretend I'm Vada every time!

I know I'm so lame!


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