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Nationwide Phone Lookup
Thursday, October 9, 2008 @ 5:37 PM

I was checking out a Reverse Phone Search today and found it not so informative. I looked up a few phone numbers (as well as mine) and it doesn't show names just the town and state. If you want other information such as:

  • Owner name and address
  • Phone location
  • Household members
  • Phone company and carrier
  • Line type - landline or mobile
You have to pay a fee for it. I think that if I really needed to look up someone's name and location I would pay the fee but if its not really that important then I would rather just leave it as is. This website is great if someone called and you have no clue where the call came from. I know sometimes people call and the area code doesn't look familiar so I will go to this website and see the town and state where the number is located.

Hope this information helped!
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