Welcome to my world! I am an army wife, mom, friend, and neurotic all packed into me or hate me but I can guarantee you that I'm pretty fun to be around! Join me as I talk about my journeys through life(and many states)!
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Congrats Cathy!
Friday, October 24, 2008 @ 1:09 AM

Cathy is pregnant with baby #2 and is giving away cool prizes! (Thanks egg for fertilizing so we can win GREAT prizes!hehe) I would love to have any of these prizes because they are all so great.

Cathy, you are one of my new fave bloggers now (okay, enough buttering ya up!) Here are the goods you can get if you decide to participate

Oh yeah, here's the link too!

First Prize:

Custom Design of Your Blog with:
- customized header
- either three or two columns
- 125x125 Entrecard/Grab-Link To Me logo with code
- a mini-digi scrap of your photo posted on the page
- any special request

{This comes with installation too providing I would have to login as you in your account so the work can be done.}

Note: First Prize is open to account with BLOGGERS only.

Second Prize:

- customized header
- 125x125 Entrecard/Grab-Link To Me logo with code

{No installation required but you have to provide me the exact size of your header before hand}

Third Prize:

- $8.00 cash transferred to your Paypal account


- $5.00 cash transferred to your Paypal account


- a 125x125 Entrecard logo (excluding code)
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