Welcome to my world! I am an army wife, mom, friend, and neurotic all packed into me or hate me but I can guarantee you that I'm pretty fun to be around! Join me as I talk about my journeys through life(and many states)!
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What I learned since I became a mom
Wednesday, May 14, 2008 @ 12:33 PM

1. Sleep? Whats that?
2. I learned that if I forgot the diaper bag even to go somewhere for a few minutes, one of the kids pooped, spit up, or hungry
3. Don't ask me about pottytraining...ugh
4. I can be a kid again!!
5. If you never believed in love at first sight, give birth to your firstborn
6. If your kids are silent, they are up to something
7. hearing the toilet flush and then your son screaming...not a good thing
8. having kids close together, not a good idea
9. never wear your best clothes and expect them to stay nice for more than an hour
10. Watching them sleep is the best time of the night

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